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AROYA takes the lead in the cannabis growing industry through its excellent technology, revolutionizing cultivation practices and paving the way for a sustainable and innovative future.

Beyond Shades, with its unique mission, ensures that each pair of glasses sold contributes to funding a full eye surgery, providing the gift of sight to those suffering from untreated or preventable vision loss.

USM and Lumas collaborate to bring the visionary concept of 'modular meets art' to life, where functional modular design seamlessly merges with artistic expression to redefine living spaces.

These two brothers breathed new life into their grandparents' old pasta factory, rekindling the flavors of the past while crafting a delicious future.

Goodn8, hailing from Bavaria, has pioneered the innovative back bed, aiming to alleviate people's pain and discomfort with this groundbreaking solution.

DecoTeam serves as the united community of leading German home textile suppliers, collectively driving innovation and excellence in the world of interior decor.

Etepetete embodies a powerful vision to combat food waste by rescuing imperfect but yummy produce, championing sustainability, and creating a delicious future where every bite makes a difference.

Minotti is an internationally recognized company, renowned as the excellence of "Made in Italy" in the field of contemporary furnishings and expression of a classic modern lifestyle for the private and hospitality sectors.

Ensemble Enabler empowers your organization to harness the power of networks and finds sustainable business solutions for you both quickly and effectively.

Dr. Sebastian Fielder garners attention with his cutting-edge dentistry in Munich, boasting an exceptional practice nestled directly on the prestigious Maximilianstraße.

NIP is a family business that stands for satisfied families and happy babies for 90 years. From the very beginning they have stood for safe and quality baby products that meet even the strictest standards and requirements.

No place in the world moves people as much as the mountains. That's why Mammut has made it its mission to create products that allow everyone to experience the power of the mountains.

Living connects - that's the idea behind SoLebIch, the largest German-language online living magazine with pictures from real homes. Get inspired by living ideas and exchange ideas on all topics related to living.

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Philipp Löffler

Photography & Film

c/o Burg - Blutenburgstrasse 59

80636 München


+49 (0) 176 70 850 679

VAT ID No. DE316542761


Untame It is a creative and future-oriented consulting company that specializes in unleashing innovative potential and guiding businesses toward uncharted realms of success.

The incomparable artist Franz Ruzicka, rooted in the vibrant culture of Munich, continually astonishes with his distinctive and thought-provoking creations.

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